Sister M. Bonaventure MacDonald



John Clifford, MD
Baton Rouge, LA

This kind, loving , gentle nun taught me 1st grade at Corpus Christi in 1947.  She was the embodiment of a true Franciscan.  To elaborate on a true superlative is impossible and superfluous.  She will forever be in my prayers.

Jane Tomczak Audet
Buffalo, NY

The other night, I had a dream about Sister Bonaventure--my first grade teacher-- googled her and found she had passed.  That cheerful face and sweetness had me totally enthralled as a 6-year-old.  She "got me."  I loved her.  Everyone should start school with a Sister Bonaventure.  How many lives she must have colored with her sunshine.  Another fine Franciscan woman to see in heaven.